Washing capsules

Washing capsules in small and large packages for easy washing, which you can choose in many variations from 14 pcs pack.

Capsules with easy dosing and practical packaging can be found in online shops as well as drugstores and supermarkets.

Washing Capsules

Washing liquids & gels

Washing gels and liquids for everyday washing are offered for universal use as well as for children, sports or colored clothes.

Washing gels are available in small as well as in large packages. You can find them in the assortment of most manufacturers.

Washing Liquids & Gels

Laundry detergents in online stores

The assortment of products that are available in most drugstores and also found in supermarkets can easily be ordered via the Internet, from large department stores or specialist drug stores. Due to the increasing number of stores where the drugstore can be bought over the Internet, these pages have been created for provide an overview of the possibilities of ordering these products. The main emphasis on this webpages was on easy product selection, which makes it easier to filter products by package size, assignment and manufacturer. On the product page is a list of dealers who have an item available and for a better overview also a list of delivery options and personal pick-up possibilities.

When launched in spring 2020, the site database was around 100 items only. The main goal was not to compile the largest product list, but rather to sort products as best as possible and to facilitate orientation and clarity throughout the offer. We hope that the site will help you to keep track of your current detergent offerings and thus facilitate their selection. We hope that the site will help to improve the overview of laundry detergents offerings and thus facilitate their selection.

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